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    I was in a very difficult life situation after losing my job which was the most important thing in my life , plunged into a depresion, these state continued for months until I found this website and tried its effective techniques. Before this , I was very far from psychology and self-help stuff and was sceptical about it. Thanks to the posts and clear explanations on this site , which described the origin of my problems. I have quickly identified my main conflict , solved it using NLP and IFS methods and my state changed for the better . I am now full of motivation and started my own small business. 


                                                                                                Mihai  29  Romania  Mures

    I have had problems with communicating girls. Despite my desire for romantic relationship, I always had an avoiding behaviour related to women. I could do nothing with it. When talking to girls I always had that discomfort feeling, which did not let me to be spontaneous and hold interesting dialogues. I googled my problems many times, but websites which I found offered no solution for my problems. Finally after finding this website I found crystal clear explanations for my problem and solved it with self-help tools here. Now, I can enjoy healthy confident communication with opposite gender. Deeply grateful to you.                                                         

                                                                                                 Mark 22 Canada New Brunswick