Who we are and what you can get from this blog

      To start with ,this blog will be useful for anyone who wants to improve his own life and interested in self development and personal growth. Here you can find how different problems like low self-esteem,different fears (public speaking etc),social anxiety, depression, problems with communicating opposite gender ,extreme shame & guilt arise and how to solve them, all on your own.


What is the difference of this site , from thousands of similar websites? So, lets assume that you have one of the problems mentioned above.Perhaps, you have already made your search on google, and we see: most of the websites which are topping the rankings offer nothing or very little for the solution. From one side, the problems seem to be explained pretty clear , but when it comes to the solution : "Do these 5 excercises each day and you will be well" ,"These 10 advice will change your life" etc, It is clear that these will not solve your core problem, the only thing it will give you is short term motivation in the best case. So, here you won't find anything similar. The main difference here , we will provide you with the most effective psychological tools, which were designed for self-work, and you will be able to fix your problem easily and in a short time. That is , this blog will be practice and result oriented.


This site is run by an individual with years of experience in spheres like self development, psychotherapy, life coaching etc. After several years of extensive research and positive results achieved on most of occasions, a set of self-help tools were designed and fully optimised for fully safe self-work. The tools include elements from disciplines like :gestalt,process oriented psychology,NLP, hypnotic regression therapy (hypnoanalysis), guided imagery work, body-oriented psychotherapy,psychodynamic therapy,experiential and existential therapy, transact analysis and many more.  For us, the main goal is long lasting positive result and it doesnt matter what is the official status of the discipline,whether it is scientifically proved, not-proved, non-academic or still considered pseudo science. The human mind is the least explored phenomena and psychology is quite a young science , so the lack of information and uncertainty in this science is understadable. One of the purposes is to present complex psychological language in an understadable manner, in order to explain and manifest which processes are taking place in the human mind and what are the reasons for problems. So, articles each summarizing big psychological literature will be posted. Nowadays you can find and explore the nature of the problems by yourself and after some short practise you will be able to use the most powerful self-help tools.


So, to sum up, what can you get from this website : solutions to many of your problems, better understanding of yourself, powerful tools to unlock new realities and change your life for the better.