Have you ever wondered ,what is fear and what is anxiety? It is actually very clear that there is a difference between these states, but still many people confuse these facts. We can define anxiety as "expectation of some bad thing or event". But ,let us give much more clearer idea:

    Fear is always a warning to something concrete and real, for example :fear of dogs,rapidly approaching vehicle and etc.

    Anxiety is also a warning , but it could also be a response to something unclear and surreal.It can be the case when something which absolutely doesn't threaten your life can evoke a strong feeling of anxiety. For ex: anxiety as an expectation of something very bad in some social situations (social anxiety),or anxiety before examination (doesn't threaten your life , no matter how important).

    Anxiety can be of a specific subject, like - anxiety when getting into any kind of car (symptom of PTSD), after an earlier accident. Or there could be a Generalized Anxiety disorder, when anxiety is manifesting itself in relation to various kind of situations. Panick attacks are a specific form of anxiety.

    Anxiety is not something which came from system of acquired beliefs or earlier learning experiences. Anxiety is rooted in the Unconscious and operates on a level of our Instincts, purely Physiological level. It is signal of amygdala - the alarm mechanism of human brain.

    Formation of anxiety

    As it was explained in Origin of Fears article, Anxiety has a root cause which is mostly situation which happened during first 1.5 - 2 years, during the formation of Bio-survival circuit .

For example :fear of darkness.

    The root may or (with smaller probability) may not be activised during the later stages of development , as further experiences and beliefs are acquired. Also the magnitude of anxiety may gradually increase as newer notable negative experiences happen. As a result, system of condensed experience is formed and is taking the control and affecting behaviour of an individual by triggering anxiety.











Magnitude of anxiety

 As it was mentioned, our psyche has a ladder-like structure, as each step (negative experience) is added, the magnitude of a system , increases. So, a major negative experience can have a cumulative effect not only on the level of anxiety, but also can contribute to level of self esteem, shame, guilt and other limiting feelings.  

Especially , when psychologycal trauma is present (significant negative experience) , the magnitude of anxiety may skyrocket , causing panick attacks

    Eliminating anxiety 

  After you start your self work, and begin to address negative experiences, the level of anxiety will also tend to decrease gradually. Here there are 2 kinds of solutions: First: if you have a major negative experience (usually continuous period), the memories of which still causes pain and, you can resolve and desensibilize it using NLP (memory reimprinting technique), so it will resolve the upper layers of anxiety structure, and lower layers will be more accesible for reprogramming. The level of anxiety will drop dramatically, but will not eliminate completely. In order to touch the root cause of your anxiety , you can use the method applied in deep trance, Hypnoanalysis (experiential regression) is the most effective solution, to dive deep into unconscious and re-live the root situation ,by changing the attitude and instinct. Go to Hypnoanalysis page and follow the anxiety solution pattern. You can also try other tools like IFS therapyTransact Analysis , and other methods.








Anxiety and Panick attacks

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