With the rapid development of our world, the life becomes more and more demanding, and many people simply cannot keep up with amount of daily stress in it, that's why the problem of depression and stress management is very common nowadays. Despite this problem is heavily discussed, many books are written , many sections of psychology include the information, few of them give a comprehensive approach and instructions for the solution. This is a complex problem, which affects the whole sections of life. This is not only a bad mood, apathy, or nervous breakdown. Depression affects the whole physiology. Headache , insomnia, low-energy all of it are companions of depression. The weight issues, endocrine system, heart - everything suffers. People suffering from depression , also can experience problems like low self esteem and lack of self confidence, anxiety and panick attacks, low energy , constant sleepyness and gloominess.

   Why it happens and what is the reason?

   First thing to know, Depression doesn't come by itself, it is just a symptom of some deep psychologycal issue. There could be many various scearios of its development , but one thing is common - unmet psychologycal needs. To speak more simply, if you had a period in your life when you could not do what you wanted to do, this creates an unresourceful state and there is a soil for formation of depression. A repetitive way of limited behaviour which served as a defence mechanism resulted from a Psychological Trauma . When the mental needs are not fulfilled these means that these are suppressed into Subconscious mind and is continuing its affect with a projection mechanism , that is the individual is losing desire to do anything .

   How to get out of Depression ?

    While antidepressants and other drugs can be helpful to reduce symproms, they deal only with symptoms and not the root cause, that is why depression returns over time, these situation can create drug addiction.

    Firstly , it is important to determne the reason of Depression, it is less likely to be a one-time situation from your early childhood , it is often repetitive situations (abuse, bullying etc) which is very notable, so it is very likely to be identified .

    After identifying the reason and the lacking resources (lack of resource of love, acceptance etc) , you can choose one of self-therapy tools to reprogram it , NLP (Reimprinting and reframing) , Transact analysis , IFS therapy are the appropriate modalities for this work. 




























Depression - How to

Get Out on your own