Time - is perhaps one of the most precious resources of our life. To live a dynamic, interesting life and do not regret about undone stuff when we get older, we have to use this resource wisely. What causes us to lose this most important resource in our life, what is causing our dreams and desires to stay unifulfilled ? - It is Procrastination.

  Laziness and Procrastination.

  These terms are frequently confused, even if they lead to the same thing - unfulfilled goals, the psychologycal mechanism is different. So, let us give a clear definition of both terms.

Laziness, is a process when you do not want and lack a motivation to reach some particular goal. In other words , the goal does not justify the resources which have to be spent for its completion. The subconscious mind does not generate enough resources for you to do the steps to reach it, because the goal does not stand high in the system of your values. For example, doing a homework from a subject which you do not enjoy can be a gloomy thing for you, and you feel laziness. But due to the obligations, you force yourself to do it, and spend a huge energy to overcome laziness. In order for not feeling lazy about doing this , you have to develop a new outlook on your goal, finding a justifiable reason for its fulfillment. The goal was not attractive from the start here.












Procrastination, is a state when you want to achieve some goal and have a huge motivation for its completion (the goal is attractive), but when you try to reach it something starts to distract you, and decrease your productivity. This leads to the loss of time and decrease of the quality of your work. For instance, you decide to read an interesting book that you planned for long, but when you open the first page, you suddenly want to watch a TV show, check your social media etc... . You are procrastinating, delaying the goal for another day. In these case, there is a subconscious conflict serving as a procrastination mechanism , some part of you want to read the book, another part is interfering the process and leads you doing another stuff. Or, for instance, you want to visit a beutiful place in your city, but you never find a time for it, everytime you start the journey, you end up turning to something else. Later, it turns out that you have a deep subconscious belief that you are not good enough, or not deserving to enjoy and spend time like this. These belief is subconscious, you are not aware of it, but it is serving as a procrastination mechanism. 




















In order to solve the subconscious conflict, or get rid of negative beliefs which cause procrastination, NLP techniques are very succesfull. IFS therapy is also an effective tool for solution of this problem. Body oriented therapy is accompanied with these methods, to decrease the resistance forces and make the subconscious material more easy for reprogramming, it is also effective for increasing general energy level in the body.







 WHy do you kill your time