Hypnoanalysis - is a therapeutic direction which involve usage of psychoanalytic techniques in a state of hypnosis. Unlike other kinds of therapy , it is known for the fast and permanent elimination of a symptom, by finding and resolving the root cause of the symptom. Hypnoanalysis requires usually 1 to 3 sessions for solution of most of mental difficulties. The reason of its effectiveness is the fact that it directly deals with subconscious mind to unveil the conflict material.

     Hypnoanalysis is effective for solution of wide range of problems like anxiety & panick attacks, extreme shame & guilt, low self-esteem and self-confidence, smoking, weight issues, depression, relations with opposite gender and wide range of other psychologycal difficulties.

     There are various hypnoanalytic techniques , but 2 most famous are : affect and cognitive bridge, also known as gradual regression on feelings.

     The procedure

     After determining the problem which will be explored, usually in a hypnoanalytic session, firstly the patient is induced in deep relaxation, hypnosis state (or self-hypnosis from the audio) . The patient then is asked to remember the latest situation when the symtpom is manifesting itself (for ex: shame or anxiety), the next step is the amplification of the feeling and using a "metaphor" to access the previous situation where the symptom was showing itself, with final step being finding and reexperiencing the causal situation.Depending on situation ,usually about 2 or 3 iterations (passage to previous situation) are needed to access the root cause . After finding the root cause or "Initial sensitising event" the steps are made to release the emotional charge which was stored in the situation and was causing the subconscious conflict. As an additional step (sometimes not required) the "resourcing" NLP technique is added at the final step, after releasing the emotional charge from causal situation , the patient is asked to remember or make-up a sitation where he feels fully confident and safe, then he asked to imagine this resource of confidence (positive resource) as some kind of light or wave (could be anything) and take that resource to the causal situation, this will help to dissolve the remaining affect and turn the situation to the positive one (the attitude to the situation is changed). The audio fille on this page contains the "affect bridge" technique optimised for self-therapy (guided self regression). So, below there are usual steps , in order for you to have more clearer idea what's happening in the process:


1. The patient is induced into trance (self hypnosis) state (see How to enter into trance state).

2. The most latest situation where the negative feeling shows up is being imagined, the feeling is amplified by modifying the situation.

3. The feeling inside the body is portrayed as a tunnel, and fragments of the situation is on the wall of this tunnel.

4. The patient imagines diving deep into this tunnel and finds himself in the previous situation connected to this feeling.

5. The root situation is found, and the emotional charge is being released , the emotion is being expressed with methods of vibration and giving a voice to the feeling.

6. The resource from positive situation is being spread up to root situation, to release the rest of affect, and change the attitude.


Guided hypnotherapy for solving Anxiety, Panic attacks, Shame & Guilt, low self esteem and any negative feeling.















Finding the root of the problem through part of personality , Negative Self Determination reprogramming. Pattern for Low self esteem and Self confidence solution.
















NOTE: In some cases, there can be a confusion , identifying if the situation is root or not. 

Read The Bible of Effective self-therapy if you have difficulties in finding the root situation.


Self-Hypnosis and Hypnoanalysis  Fastest healing Of Negative Emotions