Which self-therapy is the best ?

Question: Hello, I have looked through your site and I found a big shocking(in a good sense) info about my problems, about how we are being programmed from the childhood and being fed lies, without realizing it . I am determined to change my life for the best by changing and solving my problems, but I want to ask, which self-therapy method is the best ? I want to stick to one and learn start mastering it.


Answer: Hello, each self-therapy method on our website is independent and very serious tool for personal development (the cutting-edge technologies for change). To decide which is the best , you have to try and experience it yourself. Some people like hypnosis for its quick and massive effect, others like IFS, NLP ,Emotional imagery therapy cause it is the same effective and can be performed very easy without the need for deep hypnosis. Each method is unique and beneficial . You have to look up tools section for more info.











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