Question: Hello, 19 y.o male. It is almost 10 years that I cannot communicate with people freely, there is always some sort of discomfort and rigidness, which paralyzes me and doesnt let to speak what I truly want. All thoughts dissapear and I look like 8 y.o child. I can talk only using logyc, without spontaneousness and experiencing emotions. Paying attention to others, I feel how they are relaxed and getting positive emotions from communication. I have witnessed that I am always in a depressive state. Where can I get the normal state? How to experience emotions about ordinary things and be spontaneous in dialogues?


Answer: Hello, there is a term called "digital people" - like machines, these people have lost the touch with their feelings and can communicate mostly using logyc. These state occurs when you ignore your feelings, subconscious mind. The first thing would be accepting your feelings and starting to work with subconscious content. You have to solve the discomfort which arises when you start behaving naturally, using instincts not logyc. In other words: bring balance between Inner child and Inner Parent.









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How to talk to people freely?