Has it ever happened to you ,when you had sleepless nights after you broke up with your girlfriend (or boyfriend) . Sometimes after the end of meaningful relationships , people often experience whole lot of negative emotions : sleepless at nights, thoughts do not leave you alone, loss of motivation etc... Some people may even experience severe depression after the loved one has left them.

   It is also an issue when someone experiences unrequited love , thoughts are attacking you , eating your precious time. Another kind of situation when you try to forget someone , are the feelings of hurt and guilt ,when someone has pained or betrayed you . There is a good saying that sounds:  "Time cures all the scars" , and really , after some time , these feelings fall away. But why do you need to lose time ? The most precious resource you have . That being less, after years has passed, any small thing which is provoking the memory of the person you try to forget will pull all the feelings back again. Because you still carry the portraits of those people in your subconscious mind.

But wait, we have good news for you : there are 2 effective techniques which will let you forget any person , IN A Matter of Seconds !


Techniques of NLP and Emotion-Imagery-Therapy which will let you forget your ex, unrequited love, anyone who has hurt you. 


1. Technique "Return of Investments"  (light trance state is required see how to enter self-hypnosis). (Used for toxic relationship, hurt, offence)

During the relationship with someone , you invest your time, your attention, your mental resources to someone. And if it happens that these person betrayed or hurt you, your resources (part of your soul) is trapped in them.

This technique refers to psychological techniques. The goal: to restore the integrity of the soul. Until your soul restores integrity, you will be tormented by heartache. And  this technique will make it possible to make the soul whole again.


You need to find a quiet place where you can retire for a while, calm down, close your eyes and fall into a light trance. In general, you need to sit quietly and not think about anything. Next you need to play a scene with a dialogue in your mind. It is needed to imagine the person in whom you have invested (time, love ,attention, trust)  and during the process of imagining the dialogue with him try to return the invested resources. This may sound silly, but it works.

If a girl disgusted you (or an ex friend hurt, betrayed you) , dumped her negativity or anger on you,  and so on, you must first return this dirt to her.

Imagine a one-on-one dialogue . Say to yourself "Here is your anger and negativity, I give it back to you." And imagine how something bad comes back from you to her image. (let the mind to make up something itself, it might be (the colored wave, line etc..) coming back from you to her )

If you’ve already completed the first step, you need to start returning the resources you gave yourself: “So... I wrote poems to you, I take it back. It's not for you. I thought a lot about you, I take my thoughts back. I was hoping for a relationship, I am taking back my hopes. I spent time on you, I return it to myself. ”Well, in that spirit. And you need not just to pronounce it to yourself, but also to imagine how something from her image flows back to you . (let the methaphor occur spontaneously)
After this you  will notice that the image of your ex-girlfriend  will become much less attractive to you, and perhaps even the rejection will begin. Be sure to do this technique. If necessary, several times. It will help restore the wounded soul.


2. Technique "The Present" (Very effective for unrequited love).
















How to Forget your EX...

 Or ANy Person...

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