How to enter into Self-hypnosis

Or Trance state

  Before presenting the guide of entering self-hypnosis state, let us give some important information about this state and of its uses.

  • Self-hypnosis is a fully safe, natural state of mind, which is characterized of high concentration of attention and lower brain wawelength.
  • You cannot harm yourself or do anything ,without your will , in this state. You cannot enter even to the state itself without your will.
  • Self-hypnosis is a state where you can control your subconscious mind, your own body. Any situation which you will imagine in this state, will evoke real feelings and emotions, regardless it is a past memory or just a made-up visualised situation.

  Using different techniques and approaches in this state , or even simply by listening right affirmations, you can solve a variety of your problems of both : psychological and physical matter. Including:

  • Low self esteem and self confidence
  • Anxiety, panic attacks, depression.
  • Limiting beliefs ,lack of motivation and other life issues.

  Alternatively it is succesfully used for

  • Weight loss
  • Quitting smoking and addictions.
  • Reinforcing the immune system, remission of different chronic diseases, treatment of some  skin issues , allergies of psychosomatic origin.

  There are very many methods to enter self-hypnosis, each of them are proven and effective. It just can be that some methods suit you the best. Most people are succesfully entering this state from the first trial. We will give you several approaches. Firstly, you may need to use a special audio (for listening in headphones) to enter the state, but after getting familiar with the process and techniques , you will be able to do that all on your own, without any recordings . 

There are different approaches used for self-hypnosis induction, they are designed to enter from light to deep trance states. Several of them:

  • Relaxation, and concentration of attention on different parts of your body.
  • Deep breathing , breathing with holding the breath for a few seconds.
  • Visualization of going downstairs, down the river on a boat etc...
  • Visualization of different figures or words, rapid removal of letters or numbers one by one attached to deepening of relaxation.


Below several audios for self-hypnosis  are posted, they should be used with headphones, in a quiet place , where noone will disturb you (mobile should be turned off, for half an hour)