Anxiety? Depression? Tired all the time? Procrastination? Extreme Shyness? Problems with communicating opposite gender? 

Sports doesn't help much...

Antidepressants do not help...

Advice of other people don't help... 


Perhaps some of this problems are familiar to you. And it is not a surprise, with an increasing demands of our ever developing world the amount of stress in our lives is increasing , so the above mentioned problems are becoming more and more common. 

However, the most important problem here is lack of proper information about these issues .According to a recent survey carried out by one of "non-profit" organizations only 1 out of 20 (!) people experiencing related issues are visiting a psychologist. Some people even think that this is a normal situation and that other people are also experiencing this stuff. Others may be misguided by such phrases that "this is your nature" or "just deal with it" when they start to explore the problem. And even they search the google, the top results are making little sense, with populist phrases like "just do it" or "be more confident" , "do this 3 exercises each day and you ll be fine". As you see the situation is not so pleasant. But, with recent improvements in this field the truth is being more and more accesible. So lets now give an explanation of how the mental issues are occuring.

Our psyche consists of conscious and subconscious minds, thoughts and memories which are being suppressed from conscious mind, become buried as subconscious thoughts, and later these everytime when some related situation happens , these subconscious thoughts are activated and trigger emotional respones . This causes us to behave in an impulsive and unexpected ways. Subconscious thought system is built thhroughout years and so this system is not easy to change, that is why it is not easy to change habits and common patterns of behaviour.

The structure of the psyche.














Our psyche is structured like an "onion" or "rabbit hole". So, lets say you experience a discomfort in a certain social situation (anxiety,shame,guilt etc) .Sometimes , this situation may not be dangerous and you consciously understand that everything is ok here , so from where is this discomfort coming from?

The reason for that is that our "subconscious mind" ,the basic goal of which is "to make us survive" produces subconscious thoughts which then cause emotional discomforts. The Unconscious mind keep all your memories which you have experienced and thoughts which have been suppressed and then ,it groups them. So the reason for you present discomfort is in your past experiences, a set of situations with similar context are being grouped together (one after another) and form so called "systems of condensed experiences" , which are forming and continuing to live in your psyche independently from yourself. And whether there is a sign that reminds something similar to that situation , this is being understood as an alarm signal, and you are out of control, the defence system is taking control over you causing a set of subconscious thoughts which in its turn trigger unhealthy body respones. Lets look for an example: A 32 year old person is experiencing an utter discomfort when he is making public speaking.During research of the details, it turned out that he experienced this feeling irregardless of the number of audience: it didnt matter if he was making a presentation around 50 unknown people, or in front of 3 of his groupmates which he knew several years, the feeling was there and nearly of equal magnitude. When he was then inducted into trance state , he remembered how he was shamed when he was 3 years old ,cause of dirt which was on his clothes. So after solving this root cause , the feeling dissapeared and he started to make presentations with big confidence, irrespective of audience size with clear mind, negative subconscious thoughts did not bother him after that. 


So, other emotions are being structured exactly like this. There are several powerful therapy methods which can be used to tackle this problem. So are you ready to enter the rabbit hole?




Subconscious thoughts - do they really run our life?