WHy your life is as it is and where you going


“If you ever find yourself 

in the wrong story, leave.” 


Hello dear guest, the fact that you are here tells that you are about to make perhaps the greatest decision in your life. If you are struggling from depression, anxiety , low self esteem and related problems or if you are feeling that you are not living your own life , then this place  can be a starting point for a change. 

Human mind remains the least known and unpredictable mechanism .Perhaps it is understandable, because in this case the object and subject of exploration coincides ,we cannot explore ourselves to the farthest endpoint and generate a theorem for each life purpose like its done in math or chemistry or any other precise science. Therefore there is a great variety of psychological directions ,each trying to interpret what is going on in its own language. 

Here lets move a little bit ahead and give you an insight of what is actually happening and on which point you are standing at the moment.


All of individual's attitudes(!) to happening experiences are being imprinted from the early childhood to and forming the character, system of beliefs, and physiological properties of the body.










In other words the decisions which we are making now are tightly tied to the decisions which we made in the past and it forms a rigid system which controls our lives and puts us in limits.It  may be shown as a vector which has a certain destination which can be guessed.


So if you leave the vector as it is , there will not be any difference in your perception of this world and your place in it. Experienced emotions are being conserved in your body and occupy space,but it the direction of this vector depends on you, the fear or the emotion of guilt or shame, which you experienced for e.g when you were 3 years old can turn into joy in a matter of seconds and can have significant changes on your life, the choice is yours and you can even do it all by yourself with specific tools to communicate with the unconscious mind..

On the other hand, we are living in a pretty complex world and most of these tools which really help  to increase individuals wellbeing, can be put on low priority or even discredited, or considered pseudoscience. 

Therefore it is really important to find out what really works and what does not. My broad research of different psychological tools from depth psychology (psychoanalysis, transpersonal ,process oriented psychology, transact analysis, body oriented psychology, Neuro Linguisitic programming etc) shows that this vector can be altered in a matter of some month , ofcourse with your strong dedication and hard work.