All of us have great moments in our life which you want to remember again and again, which bring positive sensations in our body , in NLP language these are named "resourceful states" , resource - is a positive energy which helps us to deal with life, for example : confidence, safeness, liberty, emansipation etc... But there are also the unpleasant, negative memories which if it was left to our will, we 'd prefer them not to happen. But ,if you pay the attention, as much as we try to repress them, after some time they return even with much greater strength, become obsessive, causing more and more problems. The reason for that is because these pieces of experience are considered very important by our Subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind's (or the unconscious), most important goal is to make us survive. That's why each negative experience is written 50 times more stronger on our Subconscious system. From the Unconscious's point of view it has completed its mission well, it tried to help us. But from conscious point of view the chosen strategy and resulting limiting beliefs can affect our lives, sometimes really bad, by causing problems of low self-esteem, anxiety & stress, even depression, different phobias. Such pieces of experience are named "Imprints". So in order for these memories to stop affecting our life we have to reexperience and edit them, so thats where the name of technique "Reimprinting" comes.

The outline of the technique:

Firstly the request, the negative memory to work with is identified (If it is not a repressed memory, which requires different approach to uncover).

1.Identifying the negative memories to work on.

2.Induction into a trance (self hypnosis) state:

3.Producing a positive resourceful state in the mind, (doing it more vividly, paying attention to bodily sensations, rhytm of breathing, for better effect)

4. Imagining the "resource" (confidence, safety etc) of positive situation, as some kind of light beams or wave (or appropriate methapor which first comes to mind)

5. Taking the "resource" and bringing it to the negative memory, untill the bad situation happenedspreading the resource in the negative situation ,giving the resource to all characters.

6. Reliving the situation from that point , with a resourceful state, paying attention how the situation changes and your and other's attitude and behaviour is changing.

7. Returning to the resourceful positive situation again, taking the resource and adding it to negative situation, untill it changes to positive. 

8. Slowly coming back from trance state (never do it suddenly), to awake state.



















NLP Reimprinting, get rid of negative memories and stop it affecting your life