Self-therapy is a process which will make you your best ,natural version and will change your life . With the cutting-edge tools which are listed for free on this website, you are able to rewrite your subconscious mind and achieve the level of life which you always dreamed of, as other hundreds of people. The key question here is time. As, it was already mentioned, self-therapy and the communication with the subconscious mind is a skill. There are some things about this process which are very difficult to explain by words, and can be only understood during the experience itself. Of course, if you are a determined person , you will learn more and more and gain new insights with each practise in your journey. But , in order to increase the speed and the quality of the self-therapy process, we have prepared a special content - The Bible of Effective Self-help (PDF) .


Which things can you learn ?


1. The crucial info and tips to find the roots of your problems, quickly and easily.

You will learn the most vulnerable points of the defence system, and learn where to target , to solve your problem once and forever !


2. The deep insight into the very heart of the self-therapy process - the approach . Thousands of cases were explored, and despite being paradoxal, the way the people approach to the process of doing the techniques is the key factor to success. What is advised to do and what is not advised, you will learn it.


3. The ways to improve the communication with the subconscious mind, speeding up the process.


4. Specific points about some of self-therapy techniques. Some other crucial points.


You can download the PDF below, in some cases a quick survey may be required to pass. Complete and start your Download !













Bible of Effective Self-Help