So, lets say you decided to start Self development. First of all, lets define what we mean by Self Development, and what is the goal of it . Being a very broad term , different people imply different thing when they talk about Self Development. Some people think it is only about money, others see this as going to expensive tours, buying expensive things and stuff. In reality, these things often are compensation strategies. So, lets give the most close definition to this term. 

Self development - the process in which the character and abilities of a person improve. The goal of self development - increasing the quality of life. So, if the quality of your life doesn't satisfy you, it is crucial to start the process of self development. First of all , it is important to identify where you are standing now, The Wheel of life is a great instrument to find that. Below you see the circle in which different life areas are drawn. Choose a grade from 1 to 10 , to each of them, to determine in which areas you are lagging.





















Each segment , in this circle is important for you to live your best life. Some, people may claim , that different things here are not important for them, but it is actually a wrong point. For example , some may claim that Spirituality is not important to them. But then, it is often the case , when such people are finding themselves in psychospiritual crysis, questions like : what is the purpose of life? , start to arise. 


In the process of Self-Development it is important to work both on the inner and outside world . It is often the case, when people think about a radical change , they just start to take actions to improve their outside reality (buying expensive cars etc). Eventually , they find that they didnt achieve what they wanted, cause this things just give temporary satisfaction and they feel very dissapointed from the inside. Thats why it is important to work on inside reality, because it will change the way you look at life, and there will be new insights and discoveries in this journey , perhaps the most important one in your life.


The inner reality of each of us consist of our deeper belief systems, system of values. And depending on these system , we develop our character and behaviour patterns. All of this information is stored in our Subconscious mind, that is the part of our mind which is responsible for our feelings and emotions, instincts, the body functions etc. If you heard this term first time , lets give a quick definition. Our mind consists of Conscious (1-5%) (responsible for logyc and rationality)  and Subconscious (or Unconscious Mind) (95-99%) , as you see the Subconscious mind is about 50 times powerful than conscious mind. It decides what is safe and what is not safe for us. You may have noticed numerous times, when we try to change our behaviour by willpower, or doing the things which we never done before, our body will generate discomfort signals, which will create us a hurdle. Its primary goal , is to make us survive. 















The Unconscious mind does not understand words, we can only communicate with it by images and methaphors . That is why it is important to develop a way of communication with Subconscious mind. On this websites you will find the cutting-edge self-therapy tools for this. Here it is important to note, that there is a special state , when we have a direct acces to subconsious mind, it is called Trance or Self-Hypnosis state . So , in order for you to apply tools of communication with Subconscious mind, first of all you have to use relaxation techniques and learn how to enter Self-Hypnosis state. It is actually very easy , and many people learn it from the first trial. It is important to note that for some people this tools also work in awake state or light trance , but in self hypnosis state, the effects are 50 times stronger and lasting. 


It is important to note that , Self-hypnosis and way of subconscious communication is a skill, which develops by practise. So , the limits are skyhigh here, by improving this skill, it is possible to learn how to control the processes in your body, your endocrine system, control your feelings and emotions. To behave how you want , anywehere you want , to become anyone you once dreamed to be.






From what to start self development